Indrajit: The Demon Who Nearly Defeated Hanuman

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Ramayana is an ancient and epic story from the Hindu religion. The story is about Lord Rama who came to earth in the form of a person. He fought against an evil demon king named Ravana to save his wife, Sita. However, there was another demon in the Ramayana who was equally powerful and almost defeated one of Lord Rama’s greatest allies. This demon was none other than Indrajit, the son of Ravana. He was also known as Meghanada. Indrajit’s tale is captivating and has many unexpected events that make it a highly memorable story from Hindu mythology. This article will talk about Indrajit’s life, the fights he had, and what happened that made him lose.

Indrajit: The Demon Who Nearly Defeated Hanuman
Indrajit: The Demon Who Nearly Defeated Hanuman

Early Life of Indrajit

Indrajit was born to Ravana and his wife, Mandodari. His original name was Meghnad, but he got a new name “Indrajit” which means “winner over Indra” after he won a fight against the king of the gods, Indra. Meghnad was a skilled warrior and an expert in the art of magic. He was a devotee of the goddess Kali and she made him unbeatable in fights.

He had the ability to create illusions that could deceive even the gods. As a child, he received extensive training in warfare, strategy, and magic. Meghnad also had a great interest in learning about the Vedas and the scriptures.

When Meghnad grew up, he accompanied his father Ravana to the battle against Lord Rama. In the battle, he displayed his extraordinary skills and fought bravely against Lord Rama’s army. He even managed to capture Lord Hanuman, but later released him when Hanuman refused to be intimidated.

Indrajit’s most famous achievement was his role in the battle against Lord Rama’s brother, Lakshmana. Indrajit used his magical powers to create an illusion of Lakshmana’s death, which demoralized Lord Rama’s army. However, Lakshmana was not really dead, and he later came back to life.

The Battle of Lanka with Indrajit

When Lord Rama and his army invaded Lanka to rescue Sita, Indrajit was assigned the task of protecting the city. He faced off against Hanuman, the monkey god, who was one of Lord Rama’s most trusted allies. Hanuman was a formidable opponent, but Indrajit was able to trap him with his magical powers and tie him up with snakes.

Hanuman’s Defeat

Indrajit was about to kill lord Hanuman when he realized that he had made a mistake. Hanuman was a messenger of Lord Rama, and according to the rules of war, messengers were not supposed to be harmed. Indrajit released Hanuman, but the damage had been done. Hanuman was humiliated, and his pride was wounded. He returned to Lord Rama and told him about his defeat at the hands of Indrajit.

The Second Battle

Lord Rama was furious when he heard about Hanuman’s defeat. He decided to take matters into his own hands and personally confront Indrajit. Rama and Indrajit faced off in a fierce battle, which lasted for several hours. Indrajit used all his magical powers, but Lord Rama was able to counter them with his own divine weapons.

The Death of Indrajit

The death of Indrajit is a significant event in the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic. Indrajit was a warrior and the son of Ravana, the king of Lanka. Indrajit was known for his exceptional fighting skills and his ability to create powerful illusions.

During the battle between Rama’s army and Ravana’s army, Indrajit fought bravely and fiercely. Indrajit had the ability to disappear and reappear at will, making it difficult for Rama’s army to attack him. He also had a powerful weapon called the Brahmastra, which he used to great effect.

However, despite his strength and abilities, Indrajit was eventually defeated by Lakshmana, Rama’s younger brother. In a fierce battle, Lakshmana managed to break Indrajit’s magical illusions and inflict severe wounds on him.

Meghnad’s father, Ravana, was greatly saddened by his son’s defeat and immediately rushed to his side to heal him. But unfortunately, it was already too late and Indrajit passed away due to the injuries he sustained.

The death of Indrajit was a significant turning point in the battle, as Ravana lost one of his most powerful warriors. It also demonstrated the strength and skill of Rama’s army, particularly Lakshmana, who was able to defeat such a formidable opponent. The tale of Indrajit’s demise is a significant aspect of Hindu mythology, and it is frequently recounted in many types of art and literature. In simpler words, people often tell the story of how Meghnad died in Hindu myths, and this story is important and appears in different forms of art and literature.


The story of Indrajit is a reminder that even the most evil of beings can possess admirable qualities. Indrajit was a skilled warrior, a devotee of the goddess Kali, and a loving son to his parents. The fact that Lakshman beat him shows how doing the right thing is really strong and how good can win against evil.


1. Who was Indrajit in Hindu mythology?

Indrajit, also known as Meghanada, was a powerful demon and the son of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. Indrajit was very important in the story of the Ramayana, where he fought against Lord Rama and his army.

2. What was Meghnad’s role in the Ramayana?

Meghnad was tasked with protecting Lanka when Lord Rama and his army invaded the city to rescue Sita. He faced off against Hanuman and nearly defeated him.

3. What were Meghnad’s admirable qualities?

Meghnad was a skilled warrior, a devotee of the goddess Kali, and a loving son to his parents. Despite being a demon, he possessed some admirable qualities.

4. What weapons did Meghnad use in battle?

Meghnad used several weapons in battle, including the Brahmastra, the Pashupatastra, and the Narayanastra. He was also skilled in using the bow and arrow.

5. How did Indrajit nearly defeat Hanuman?

Indrajit defeated Hanuman in a fierce battle by using his powers of illusion to trap him. However, Hanuman was eventually able to break free and continue the fight.

6. Did Meghnad use the Brahmastra weapon?

Meghnad used a powerful weapon called Brahmastra and killed a huge number of vanaras, which almost wiped out their entire race. This was a unique and unprecedented achievement among all the warriors mentioned in the story of Ramayana.

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