Who Was The Friend of Hanuman?

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The image of Hanuman, the valiant vanara (monkey god) with unwavering devotion to Lord Rama, is deeply etched in Hindu mythology. From his incredible feats of strength to his unyielding faith, Hanuman embodies the ideal of selfless friendship. But who was the friend of Hanuman? The answer, while seemingly simple, reveals a complex tapestry of relationships woven throughout the epic Ramayana.

Rama – The Object of Hanuman’s Eternal Devotion:

friendship of hanuman and Rama
Friendship of Hanuman and Rama

The Ramayana’s core narrative revolves around Lord Rama, the righteous prince of Ayodhya, and his exile into the forest along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. It was during this period that Hanuman emerged as Rama’s most ardent supporter.

Their first encounter happens when Sugriva, the exiled king of the vanaras, seeks Rama’s assistance in reclaiming his throne from his usurping brother, Vali. Seeing Rama’s noble character, Hanuman instantly pledges his allegiance, becoming Sugriva’s advisor and Rama’s most enthusiastic follower.

He plays a crucial role in the ensuing battle between Rama and Vali, ultimately contributing to Sugriva’s victory. This act cements Hanuman’s position as a trusted ally of both Sugriva and Rama.

However, it is with Rama that Hanuman forms a unique bond. He sees Rama not just as a king or an ally, but as an embodiment of dharma (righteousness) and the ideal leader. His devotion transcends mere duty, morphing into an all-encompassing love and respect.

When Sita is abducted by the demon king Ravana, Hanuman emerges as the hero. He leaps across the vast ocean to Lanka, Ravana’s kingdom, in search of Sita. Undeterred by danger, he bravely explores the city, discovers Sita imprisoned in Ashoka Vatika, and even burns down Lanka before returning to Rama with news of his beloved queen.

Through these acts of immense courage and dedication, Hanuman solidifies his place as Rama’s irreplaceable friend. He becomes not just a warrior and supporter, but a source of unwavering hope and strength during Rama’s darkest hours.

Beyond Rama: Other Bonds of Friendship:

While Rama holds the primary place in Hanuman’s heart, the vanara god displays his capacity for friendship with other characters as well.


friendship of hanuman and Sugriva
Friendship of Hanuman and Sugriva

Their alliance starts out as strategic, but Hanuman’s genuine respect and understanding transform it into a genuine friendship. He serves as Sugriva’s wise counselor and loyal ally throughout his reign.


friendship of hanuman and Angada
Friendship of Hanuman and Angada

Vali’s son, Angada, initially harbors resentment towards Hanuman due to his involvement in his father’s death. However, Hanuman’s loyalty to Rama and Sugriva, combined with his valor, eventually wins Angada’s respect and friendship.


friendship of hanuman and lakshmana
Friendship of Hanuman and Lakshmana

Rama’s brother, Lakshmana, stands beside him through thick and thin. Hanuman recognizes Lakshmana’s unwavering support and forms a bond of mutual respect and camaraderie with him.


Friendship of Hanuman and Vibhishana
Friendship of Hanuman and Vibhishana

Ravana’s brother, who sides with Rama against the demon king, is also befriended by Hanuman. He recognizes Vibhishana’s righteousness and appreciates his role in Rama’s victory.

The Vanara Army:

friendship of hanuman and vanara army
Friendship of Hanuman and Vanara Army

Hanuman embodies the ideal leader for the vanara army. He earns their respect and loyalty not just through his strength but also through his compassion and empathy. This fosters a bond of camaraderie and friendship between the vanara god and his followers.

The Universality of Hanuman’s Friendship:

Hanuman’s friendships transcend physical limitations and social constructs. He befriends individuals based on their values and character, demonstrating that true friendship knows no boundaries.

His unwavering devotion to Rama teaches us the value of loyalty, commitment, and selflessness in friendship. He inspires us to stand by our loved ones through thick and thin, to fight for what’s right, and to offer love and support generously.


Q: Why is Hanuman considered such a close friend of Rama?

A: Hanuman’s devotion to Rama stemmed not just from duty but from a deep respect for Rama’s righteousness, leadership, and character. He saw Rama as the embodiment of dharma and pledged his unwavering loyalty.

Q: Did Hanuman have any other significant friendships?

A: Though Rama held the primary place, Hanuman formed meaningful friendships with Sugriva, Angada, Lakshmana, Vibhishana, and the vanara army, showing his capacity for genuine connection beyond his main allegiance.

Q: What can we learn from Hanuman’s friendships?

A: Hanuman teaches us the power of loyalty, commitment, selflessness, and the importance of valuing individuals based on their character rather than social constructs. He inspires us to be better friends and stand by our loved ones with unwavering support.

Q: Was Hanuman friends with anyone besides Rama?

A: Yes, Hanuman had several close friends, including Sugriva, Angada, Jambavan, Sampati, Vibhishana, and the vanara army as a whole.

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