Who Stopped Hanuman While Going to Lanka?

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In the timeless epic Ramayana, the mighty vanara (monkey-god) Hanuman’s leap across the ocean to Lanka stands as a testament to unwavering devotion and boundless courage. But his journey wasn’t a smooth flight. Several celestial beings and mythical creatures tested his resolve, making his mission even more remarkable. So, who stopped Hanuman while going to Lanka?

Mainaka: The Mountain of Duty

As Hanuman began his colossal leap, the first obstacle arose from beneath the waves. Mainaka, a mountain submerged in the ocean, emerged, his head brushing the sky. He owed a debt of gratitude to Hanuman’s father, the wind god Vayu, who had once protected him. Offering respite, Mainaka urged Hanuman to rest on his peak. Recognizing the urgency of his mission, Hanuman politely declined, touching the mountain’s head as a gesture of respect before continuing his flight.

Surasa: The Serpentine Stratagem

Further along, Hanuman encountered Surasa, the colossal mother of all serpents. Blessed by Brahma with the power to devour anything that passed her path, she transformed into a monstrous serpent, barring his way. Understanding her divine duty, Hanuman didn’t fight. Instead, he ingeniously grew larger than Surasa, mirroring her every expansion. Finally, acknowledging him as an embodiment of dharma (righteousness), Surasa blessed him and allowed him to proceed.

Sampati: The Wise Guide

Reaching the southernmost tip of India, Hanuman needed crucial information about Lanka. There, he met Sampati, a blind eagle with immense knowledge. In exchange for restoring his eyesight, Sampati revealed the location of Lanka and the dangers that awaited Hanuman. This encounter equipped Hanuman with invaluable knowledge and fortified his resolve.

Sinhika: The Celestial Deception

As Hanuman soared towards Lanka, a beautiful woman named Sinhika appeared, emanating an irresistible illusion. Created by the gods to test his devotion, she promised pleasure and rest. Recognizing the trap, Hanuman saw through the illusion and continued his journey, undeterred by her alluring deceit.

Lankini: The Fierce Guardian

Finally reaching Lanka, Hanuman faced his last major obstacle – Lankini, a powerful Rakshasi guarding the city. A fierce battle ensued, showcasing Hanuman’s immense strength and agility. Impressed by his valor and Sita’s plight, Lankini switched sides, revealing the secrets of Lanka and guiding Hanuman to Ashoka Vatika, where Sita was held captive.

Beyond the Obstacles: Significance and Symbolism

Each obstacle Hanuman faced represented a different challenge – physical strength, cunning, knowledge, temptation, and ultimately, devotion. His unwavering dedication to Rama and Sita allowed him to tackle the mythical beings who stopped Hanuman while going to Lanka. He demonstrated the triumph of righteousness over temptation and the importance of staying true to one’s purpose.


Q: Why did these obstacles appear on Hanuman’s path?

These obstacles served two main purposes:
1. To test Hanuman’s strength, intelligence, and devotion: Ensured he was worthy of the crucial task of finding Sita and delivering Rama’s message.
2. To raise the stakes and dramatize the story: The challenges Hanuman faced added another layer of excitement and suspense to the narrative.

Q: Did anyone else try to stop Hanuman?

Several other minor demons and Rakshasas attempted to impede Hanuman’s progress, but he easily surpassed them.

Q: What happened to Hanuman after reaching Lanka?

After finding Sita and delivering Rama’s message, Hanuman destroyed large parts of Lanka, setting fire to many buildings. He then returned to Rama, informing him of Sita’s location and bolstering his confidence for the upcoming war.

Q: What lessons can we learn from Hanuman’s journey?

Hanuman’s story teaches us valuable lessons about:
1. Devotion and loyalty: His unwavering commitment to Rama and Sita inspires us to be dedicated to our loved ones and the causes we believe in.
2. Overcoming challenges: He faced obstacles with courage and wisdom, demonstrating the importance of perseverance and resourcefulness in the face of adversity.
3. Distinguishing between right and wrong: He resisted temptations and illusions, reminding us to stay true to our values and principles.

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