Who is Lord Hanuman? | Special Characteristics of Hanuman

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In this post you will know about Who is Lord Hanuman? and what are his special characteristics of hanuman. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. He ended his avatar by returning to his divine abode, Vaikuntha, after completing his earthly duties. 

As per the Ramayana, Lord Rama ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya for many years after defeating Ravana and rescuing his wife, Sita. He was a ruler who was loved and respected by his people.

Who is Lord Hanuman
Who is Lord Hanuman

However, one day, a sage named Agastya came to Ayodhya and requested Lord Rama to end his avatar and return to his divine abode. Lord Rama made plans to hand over the kingdom to his two sons, Lava and Kusha, after realizing that his time on earth was coming to an end.

After that, he conducted a yagna (a sacred fire ceremony), prayed to the gods, and asked them to bless his realm and his people. As Lord Rama prepared to ascend to his heavenly abode, he called upon his trusted allies, Hanuman, Sugriva, and Vibhishana, to accompany him.

He then entered the Sarayu river and allowed the waters to carry him away to Vaikuntha, his divine abode. The ending of Lord Rama’s avatar is seen as a significant event in Hindu mythology.

It marks the completion of his earthly duties and his return to his divine form. Since Shree Rama is considered as one of history’s greatest leaders, the definition of a good human, and the personification of dharma, millions of people all over the world continue to be inspired by his story (righteousness).

Who is Lord Hanuman?

Hanuman ji is a beloved Hindu god, and he is one of the most important characters in Ramayan, the epic story of Lord Rama’s mission to save his wife Sita.

Special characteristics of Hanuman:


Hanuman is typically represented as a humanoid monkey with a long tail. His typical coloration is red or orange, which stands for his strength and might. Moreover, Hanuman is pictured as having a muscular body, which represents his physical power.


According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman had many supernatural abilities. For example, he had the power to grow or shrink his body size, which allowed him to cross long distances quickly. He was also able to fly, which he used to his advantage during his search for Sita. Hanuman also has the power to alter his shape, which he used to turn into different animals or things to get around difficulties.


Hanuman is known for his loyalty, devotion, and bravery. He is considered as one of Lord Rama’s biggest admirers, and many people utilise his unwavering adoration for their lord as a model for conduct. Hanuman is renowned for his brilliance and quick wit, which he exploited to conquer numerous obstacles.


Hanuman is highly admired in Hinduism, and there are numerous temples built in his honour throughout India and other countries. Devotees often chant Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn in praise of Hanuman, to seek his blessings and protection. Hanuman Jayanti, his birthday, is celebrated with great fervour in India and other parts of the world.


Hanuman is a beloved deity in Hinduism and is frequently regarded as a representation of devotion, bravery, and strength. His story is often used to teach important lessons about faith, loyalty, and devotion. Hanuman is also believed to be a protector against evil and is often invoked for strength and protection during difficult times.


Hanuman is known for his immense devotion towards Lord Rama. He is considered as the personification of bhakti, or devotion, and his life is frequently utilised to illustrate the value of dedication and trust in one’s spiritual development.


Hanuman is also known for his physical strength, which is often depicted in Hindu art and iconography. Hanuman is said to be able to fly over oceans, move mountains, and do other incredible things.


In the face of danger, Hanuman is known for his fearlessness and courage. He fearlessly fought demons and other enemies to protect Lord Rama and his allies.


Hanuman is also known for his quick wit and intelligence. He was able to overcome many obstacles by using his intellect and creativity, and he is frequently regarded as a representation of cunning and intelligence.


Hanuman is deeply loyal to Lord Rama and his cause. He is constantly willing to put himself in danger to defend his lord and his allies.


Despite his great strength and powers, Hanuman is known for his humility and modesty. He is always willing to serve others and is never boastful or prideful about his abilities.

Overall, Hanuman is seen as a symbol of strength, devotion, and courage in Hindu mythology. His life is frequently used to provide valuable lessons about faith, loyalty, and the capacity of devotion to overcome challenges and realize one’s ambitions.

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