The Story of Bali and Hanuman: Epic Tale of Bravery and Betrayal

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The tale of Bali and Hanuman, which originates from ancient India, is a captivating story. The story is about two brothers. Sadly, one of them gets hurt by someone they trust. This story has been shared for a long time, and people still like it today. In this article on Bali and Hanuman, we will delve deeper into this narrative and explore the significant insights we can gain from it.

The Characters of the Story

Bali and Hanuman: The Epic Tale of Bravery and Betrayal
Bali and Hanuman: The Epic Tale of Bravery and Betrayal

The story revolves around two main characters, Bali and Hanuman. Bali was also known as Vali who was the king of the monkey kingdom Kishkindha, while Hanuman was one of his most loyal and trusted advisors. Vali was famous for being courageous, powerful, and clever, whereas Hanuman was renowned for his sagacity, intellect, and loyalty toward his king.

The Journey of Bali and Hanuman

The story begins with Vali and Hanuman setting out on a journey to defeat a powerful demon terrorizing their kingdom’s people. The monster had a magical boon, invincible to all weapons except his own bones. Bali and Hanuman knew that defeating the demon would require great bravery and cunning.

As they travelled through the woods, they faced numerous difficulties. They fought off fierce monsters, crossed treacherous rivers, and navigated through dense forests. But despite these challenges, Vali and Hanuman remained steadfast in their mission.

Finally, they reached the demon’s lair, and a fierce battle ensued. The monster was powerful and skilled in combat, but Vali and Hanuman fought with all their might. Ultimately, Bali discovered a method to utilize the demon’s bones against him, leading to their victory and the demon’s final defeat.

The Betrayal

After their victory, Bali became even more powerful and confident in his abilities. He began to abuse his power, becoming arrogant and cruel towards his subjects. Hanuman, who had been devoted to Bali all along, could not tolerate his king’s unbecoming behaviour. He attempted to persuade Bali and prompt him about his responsibilities as a ruler, but Vali remained unresponsive.

Hanuman attempted to talk sense to Bali and remind him of his responsibilities as a ruler, but Bali refused to listen. Eventually, Hanuman had no choice but to betray Bali. He joined forces with Bali’s brother, Sugriva, and they defeated Bali in a fierce battle. Bali escaped to the woods and eventually died there.


The story of Vali and Hanuman is a timeless tale of bravery and betrayal. It teaches us the importance of loyalty, humility, and using power responsibly. The lesson which we can learn from the story of Bali’s downfall is that having too much power can make even good people turn evil. But the story of Hanuman teaches us that being loyal and doing the right thing takes real bravery.


1. What is the moral of the story of Bali and Hanuman?

The story teaches us the importance of loyalty, humility, and using power responsibly.

2. What is the significance of Bali’s downfall in the story?

Bali’s downfall is a reminder that power can corrupt even the most virtuous individuals. It highlights the importance of using passion responsibly and not letting it cloud our judgment. The lesson conveyed by the story is that when we possess significant authority or ability, we must use it in a positive and beneficial manner.

3. What does the character of Hanuman teach us?

Hanuman’s steadfast allegiance and dedication to his ruler demonstrate the significance of advocating for righteousness, even if it requires opposing those we hold dear. Furthermore, his sagacity, cleverness, and modesty give us an example to aspire to and improve ourselves.

4. Why did Hanuman betray Bali?

Hanuman betrayed Vali because he could not bear to see his king abusing his power and becoming cruel towards his subjects. He knew he was responsible for defending what was just, even if it required him to betray his monarch. The story of Bali and Hanuman is a courageous and treacherous legend that has fascinated people for many years. The personalities, their voyage, and the wisdom we can gather from their tale still motivate and educate us on important life lessons. It prompts us to remember that authority can corrupt even the most moral people and that true courage arises from protecting what is right. Let us learn from the story of Vali and Hanuman and strive to be better individuals in our own lives.

5. Who was stronger between Bali and Hanuman?

Bali and Hanuman exhibit great strength and are prominent characters in Hindu mythology. However, the question of who was stronger between the two is a subject of debate and interpretation.
According to the Ramayana, Bali was a powerful monkey king who ruled the Kishkindha kingdom. He was known for his exceptional strength and fighting skills. On the other hand, Hanuman was also a monkey and a devotee of Lord Rama. He exhibited immense strength and earned a reputation for his bravery and intelligence.
Vali and Hanuman fiercely fought each other in the Ramayana, but they matched each other evenly and the fight required a more definitive resolution. However, some versions of the story depict Hanuman as stronger than Vali. Ultimately, both characters have significant parts in the narrative and exhibit their bravery and fortitude in distinct manners.

6. What is the bravery of Hanuman in Ramayana?

The story of the Ramayana portrays Hanuman as a courageous and daring god who significantly impacted the unfolding events. His bravery is evident in several instances throughout the epic.
Hanuman displayed great courage by traversing the sea to reach Lanka where Ravana held Sita, Lord Rama’s spouse, captive. This act is widely recognized as a prime example of Hanuman’s bravery. Hanuman jumped over the ocean, facing multiple challenges and enemies, to arrive in Lanka and locate Sita. This act of courage and determination demonstrated Hanuman’s unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his willingness to do anything to help him.
Another example of Hanuman’s bravery is his fight against the demons in Lanka to rescue Sita. He single-handedly took on the demon army, using his strength and intelligence to defeat them and protect Sita. In this battle, Hanuman’s bravery and strategic thinking were crucial to the mission’s success.
Throughout the Ramayana, Hanuman consistently portrays bravery and loyalty to Lord Rama, earning him high respect as a figure in Hindu mythology for his fearless dedication to his mission and Lord, never hesitating to put himself in danger.

7. What happened between Bali and Sugreev?

Bali and Sugreev are two characters from the Hindu epic Ramayana, and their story is integral to the epic. Vali and Sugreev were brothers, and both were the rulers of the monkey kingdom of Kishkindha. However, they had a falling out when Bali accused Sugreev of being involved with his wife, Tara. Vali banished Sugreev from the kingdom and took his wife as his own.
Sugreev’s brother’s actions devastated him, even though he had taken refuge on a nearby mountain. He spent his days in sorrow, waiting for a chance to take revenge. During this period, Lord Rama and his sibling Lakshmana arrived in the area to look for Lord Rama’s spouse, Sita, who Ravana had abducted.
Sugreev met Lord Rama and Lakshmana and allied with them. In exchange for their help in defeating Bali and reclaiming his kingdom, Sugreev promised to help Lord Rama in his search for Sita. Lord Rama agreed to the alliance, and together they attacked Kishkindha.
During the battle, Sugreev fought against his brother, Bali. After a long and fierce competition, Lord Rama intervened and shot Bali with an arrow. With his dying breath, Bali reconciled with Sugreev and apologized for his past actions. He acknowledged Sugreev as the rightful ruler of Kishkindha and urged him to support Lord Rama in his quest to rescue Sita.
Therefore, the narrative of Bali and Sugreev is a story that involves disloyalty among brothers, the act of forgiving, and coming together again, and serves as a significant segment in the broader narrative of the Ramayana.

8. What is the relation between Bali and Hanuman?

Bali and Hanuman, both characters in the epic Ramayana from Hindu mythology, have a complicated relationship. Vali was the monkey king and ruler of the Kishkindha kingdom, while Hanuman was a monkey warrior and a trusted ally of Lord Rama. The story had different portrayals of Bali and Hanuman’s relationship depending on the version, with some depicting them as friends and others as competitors.
One famous incident involving Bali and Hanuman occurred during a battle between Bali and his brother Sugriva. Bali had accused Sugriva of betraying him and banished him from the kingdom. Sugriva then sought the help of Hanuman, who became his ally and helped him defeat Bali.
The battle between Bali and Hanuman is inconclusive as both are evenly matched. However, in some versions of the story, Hanuman is depicted as being stronger than Bali. Later on, Lord Rama fired an arrow at Bali, mortally wounding him. Some versions of the story state that Hanuman regretted not being able to defeat Bali himself as he greatly respected Bali’s strength and courage.
Despite their rivalry and battle events, people revere Bali and Hanuman as essential characters in Hindu mythology. People know Bali for his bravery and strength, and they recognize Hanuman for his devotion and intelligence. Their connection is a testament to how intricate and diverse human relationships can be, even within the framework of legendary tales.

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